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In my early post, a cross build environment has been set up on a powerful AMD64 system to compile packages for the Raspberry Pi 3B. As mentioned, the cross build environment itself is a minimal Linux root system, in which armv7a-architecture packages are installed. However, how can those packages be available to the Raspberry Pi 3B? Thus, in this post I will continue to set up a binhost (binary package host) [1] on the AMD64 system, which aims to provide the Raspberry Pi 3B readily installable, precompiled packages.

Set up a Binhost on the AMD64 System

The first step is to generate binary packages whenever a package is installed by the portage system, which can be approached by the buildpkg feature in the "/etc/portage/make.conf" file:

$ sudo nano /etc/portage/make.conf

Next step is to find a way of transfering binary packages from the AMD64 system to the Raspberry Pi 3B. Here is an example of using the SSH protocol to access binary packages:

# copy the public key of the Raspberry Pi 3B to the AMD64 system
$ ssh-copy-id -i ~/.ssh/rpi3b USER@AMD64

Install Binary Packages on the Raspberry Pi 3B

Correspondingly, to let the portage system retreive binary packages while installing packages is to use the getbinpkg feature in the "/etc/portage/make.conf" file:

$ sudo nano /etc/portage/make.conf

Also, to tell the portage system to download binary packages through the SSH protocol from the AMD64 system:

$ sudo nano /etc/portage/make.conf

After that, installing a package on the Raspberry Pi 3B will not compile the package from scratch, instead a pre-compiled binary package will be used:

$ sudo emerge -av <PKG>

Thanks for reading :)

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